P3B – Reading – Week 21/5/18

Today I asked the pupils to write into their reading records the pages to be read for their book. The following may be useful in cases where the information was not fully written into the jotter.

  • Squirrels
    • My Dad’s got an Alligator (2 week book), P39 to END for Monday 28/5/18
    • The Ginger Ninja, ALL pages for Monday 28/5/18
  • Hedgehogs – “The Revenge of Captain Blood”, book to be read over 2 weeks.
    • Week 1 – P3 to P28 for 23/5/18
    • Week 2 – P29 to end for 29/5/18.
  • Foxes – “Blackbones Saves the School” Read ALL pages for 29/5/18.
  • Owls – they have a book in school to read and a different book to take home.
    • HOME book – “Rotten Apples”. Read ALL for 29/5/18.
    • SCHOOL book – “A Fright in the Night”.