P2D Reflective Friday 25.5.18


Can you spot any ‘ing’ or ‘ed’ ending words as you read? Please read a little each day and discuss what you are reading with a parent/carer.


We learned the last rule for adding on ‘ing’.

carry + ing

We will be looking at ‘ed’ ending next week along with revising all sounds covered in P2.

We have been reading a book called ‘I can’t do this!’ by K J Walton linked to ‘Growing our mindset’. Poor Nadia (the owl) couldn’t fly. We came up with solutions for Nadia. We continued the story using capital letters, full stops and sentence openers.


This week we have been measuring length using cm.

We have been measuring objects in the classroom and outside. We also compared the lengths.

Here is a link to work on the 2 x table



  • We have been learning all about our brain this week.
  • We have been looking at our bodies moving in different ways. Using line drawings we created ‘bodies in motion’.

Looking into next week

  • We can’t wait to see the SHOW on Wednesday- how exciting!
  • We would like to learn about our teeth.
  • We would like to make a wordsearch about our topic using key words.

Have a lovely time at the School Fair today!