P3B Reflective Friday 25.5.18

Our learning this week in P3B:


This week in Maths we have focused on:

  • Data Handling – we have continued our investigation into different ways to display data. We have plotted the findings from our surveys. We have also learnt about, Venn, Carroll and Tree diagrams – gosh how many other “diagrams” are there still to learn about. During Skills Time we drew various diagrams in the playground using chalk.
  • Learn Its- we have all graduated to the next level in Learn-Its. We have practised everyday with the target to get a Personal Best. We are hoping to graduate to Level 3 to complete our target. PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE.


Our literacy learning has included:

  • Spelling with a  focus on “WA” words.
  • Preparing for our talk about our Favourite sport and the delivering our presentation to the class. We were very supportive of each other, being an attentive audience, asking questions and providing valuable feedback. The presenters were stars, everyone delivered an interesting talk hitting the target of sharing their knowledge for 30 seconds or more.
  • We remembered what is required to write instructions Using this information we created recipes for the food we prepared as part of our healthy eating investigation linked to HWB.


We have been discovering about different notes and how they are given names. We started with a “C”. Wonder where “A” & “B” have gone. We listened carefully to the notes to work out if they were going up or down the scale.


  • We had an interesting discussion about sugar, finding out where it comes from and deciding if it was good or bad for us. We used a great picture book which showed us what happens inside our body to turn our food (fuel) into energy so that we can move, think, have fun etc. We have lots of cereal packets which we will look at next week.
  • We worked with the other P3 classes and created some healthy meals (which we later used as a stimulus for writing our own recipes). We then enjoyed eating the fruits of our labour – yum.


We continued the theme of instructions by learning how to programme a virtual beebot. Going forward and backwards was fairly easy, deciding if it was a left or right turn proved a little more difficult.