P3M This week’s Learning 25.05.18


After making yummy healthy foods we made a set of instructions for these. We included the ingredients, method and equipment. We also used BOSSY verbs to instruct.

We enjoyed doing our own talks about our favourite sports and also enjoyed listening to others.


We peer assessed each others’ talks. We had to think about the volume/clearness of the speaker, the expression the speaker used and whether the looked at the audience.

We did find the talks a little challenging but we know this is a good skill for life.


This week we have continued our Information Handling topic. This included learning about tree diagrams and Carroll diagrams. For mental maths we liked counting in steps this week  as well as playing our own countdown game. http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/maths/countdown/index.htm



We are able to sort information in lots of different ways. We did find the Carroll diagrams a little tricky.

Health and Wellbeing

In Assembly we reflected on the new topic in Building Resilience, “Challenge Your Mindset”.

In P..E we focused on tennis. We found controlling the tennis ball tricky.

We loved preparing healthy foods (cheese sandwich, salad and fruit) as we considered lots of different things like safety and hygiene. We did find cutting the food a little tricky.

Next week we would like to work on tennis and continuing to develop our resilience.


We learnt that we should have a balanced diet and should think about the sugar we eat. We are looking forward to using our food packages to look at the sugar content. This will help us think about what we eat. Thanks for bringing in food packages.