P4G Reflective Friday 25.5.18

What have we been learning this week?


We have been learning about changing words that have an f or fe at the end into their plurals by changing the ending to ves.  Example shelf becomes shelves.  Have a look at the link below and the pictures of us practising our spellings outside.

Week 24 ves endings


We have been learning about calligrams.  They are words that you describe by the way you write them.



Have a go at writing these words as calligrams: hot, cold, smelly, windy, sunny.

In our reading detective groups we all got a different job to work on in our groups.  We also made a code of conduct about how to work well in a group.

Numeracy and Maths

We have been learning about fractions, focussing on halves.  We have continued with our beat thats.  We have looked at halving shapes and numbers.  Can you find any shapes around your house that can be halved?


We also learned about compass points (North, South, East and West) and started to look at right angles.

Other Areas

In our Vikings topic we were learning about Viking clothes.  Please look at the links below for some ideas about what Vikings wore.  Primary Four will be dressing up as Vikings on Tuesday 5th June.  Please be imaginative and don’t spend any money!!



We designed our own Viking shields.  On Tuesday we will be making our Viking shields.  If you have any big pieces of cardboard you could bring into school that would be really helpful.  If you could cut them into a circle of approximately 30cm diameter that would be even more useful as it would save us some time on the day! 

Our learning in Resilience is about challenging our mindset, you should have a worksheet at home to discuss and colour.  Perhaps you could make a poster to illustrate some of the words?

What we have enjoyed

“We enjoyed drama with P4H about resilience and using our mime skills.” Katherine

“We enjoyed doing the spelling outside.” Katie

“We are enjoying mindfulness colouring.” Lucy

“I enjoyed doing the fractions.” Ben

Any challenges?

Some of us found drama challenging especially saying what we were good at; we have found fractions challenging; drawing our Vikings.