P2 cheetahs. Our week. Friday 25th May


  • we revised all our tricky words and are  practising  “move” and “people”
  • In spelling we worked on the ending ed
  • we practised adding ing to a verb ending in a double consonant – e.g. find, mark,
  • we practised handwriting  s e l t i  in our new lined jotter


On our Spelling City page, you can access the tricky word lists and some fun games to play for extra practice

Thank you for your continued support  with practising key vocabulary and signing the reading record.

  • We are continuing to work in class on predicting, analysing and discussing the wide range of texts we read – including, but not limited to, our home reading books. We would encourage the children to make personal choices of reading material from home and library – school reading books are only a small part of becoming an avid reader.

Numeracy & Mathematics

  • We practised making groups and revised our 2, 5 and 10 times tables
  • In measurement we estimated then measured objects all around us in cm. We made some very accurate estimates


This is a great online game for practising your numeracy skills. There is also a tablet friendly app which you may wish to use.

Other areas of the curriculum

  • We discussed what a superhero might eat to keep healthy. We had an interesting discussion about how to have a healthy balanced diet.
  • Ibraheem fascinated us with an interesting talk all about Ramadan.
  • We enjoyed trying out the violin to see how the string instruments make sound.
  • We learned more about brass instruments in the orchestra and listened to a trumpet. It was loud ! We learned to identify the mouthpiece, bell and valves.