P2D Reflective Friday


Can you read aloud with expression? Choose one page to focus on and try to read aloud imagining you are the author. You can use a different voice for a character and think about the speed you are reading at.


We have been learning all about the ‘ed’ sound.

If a verb has a double consonant then we simple add ‘ed’ to the end.

walk +  ed                      talk + ed                          splash + ed

Can you find more examples of ‘ed’ ending like above in stories you read at home?

There are a few words we continue to spell incorrectly regularly in our independent writing:

school, won’t, people, think, come, should

If you are finding these words tricky then please work on spelling these at home. You can even test a parent!

Maths & Numeracy

  • We have been learning to compare lengths in cm.
  • We are continuing to work on multiplication.
  • We are plannng to go outdoors and measure length in m.


  • We have been learning all about our teeth and how to keep our teeth healthy.
  • We have been identifying the different kinds in our mouth: canine, incisor, molar.
  • We have also been working on listening skills in class and following a series of instructions.

What we enjoyed this week:

  • We enjoyed going to see a performance at the ‘Imaginate Festival’. The performance had many themes and we really used our imaginations! One of the main themes was ‘Caring and Sharing’. The actors showed how to share clothing in an imaginative way. We discussed our opinions about the performance and here are some of the children’s ideas:

“I thought the performance was funny and entertaining.”

” The actors learned to share their clothes.”

“The actors showed what it is like to not have a home.”

“I would have liked the actors to speak more.”

“The performance was about washing clothes and not having enough clothes to wear.”

What we are looking forward to next week:

  •  musicWe would like to learn about Germs.
  • We would like to measure outside in our playground.
  • We would like to have a times table test!