P3B Reflective Friday 1.6.18

Our learning this week in P3B:


This week in Maths we have focused on:

  • Data Handling – we have continued our investigation into data by looking at cereal packets and finding out how much sugar there is in a portion of the cereal.
  • Learn Its- have continued this week and some pupils have graduated to the next Level, this is one week earlier than the target. Everyone has had the opportunity to practise everyday with the aim of achieving a PB.
  • We have returned to learning about Fractions, consolidating our knowledge on half & quarter. We are now investigating tenths – both of a shape and as value of a number, eg 1/10 of 30, 3/10 of 20.
  • We have also returned to learning about telling the time using a digital clock, focusing on the main quarter points, ie 00:00, 00:15, 00:30 & 00:45.


Our literacy learning has included:

  • Spelling with a  focus on “AL” words, eg salt, ball, alter.
  • We have been learning about poems, looking for rhythm, patterns, rhyme, repetition. To support our learning we added action and sound to the poem which was then performed to the class.
  • Linked to our HWB learning we have been planning a story about a banana during its journey from growing in the tropics to arrival in a UK shop and then to its final destination. Surprisingly the banana experiences many emotions during its short life, these have been added to our plan along with description to explain the different stages of the journey.


We have been creating mosaic art of fruit and vegetables. We have also drawn some detailed pictures using a fine pen to help us add more detail.


  • We had an interesting discussion about how much sugar is in a portion of cereal. We put the cereal in order of what we thought was the most to least sweet. We did very well spotting that the chocolate and fruit cereal have a lot of sugar, with the likes of weatabix, rice krispies and porridge being at the other end of the line. We then put them in the actual order – many did not have to move very far in the line except for the Frosties.
  • We discovered that the recommended daily intake of sugar for a child is 24 g, which is only about 5 teaspoons a day – wow!


This week we continued the theme of instructions by learning how to programme a “real” robot, writing instructions for each other to follow to be able to get to the treasure on a grid out in the playground.