P3M What have we been learning? Week Ending 1.6.18


  • We enjoyed doing reflective reading grids this week.
  • We found it tricky to join the letter f in handwriting.
  • We wrote stories about the journey of a banana and tried to describe emotions.
  • In spelling we were learning that the short vowel o sound immediately before l is made by using a e.g. Salt not solt.  Some examples are wall, calling, scalded.


  • We have been learning to read digital clocks (o’clock half past quarter to and quarter past).
  • We started Beat That’s to work on our speed of recalling number bonds.
  • We learned about tenths.


  • We enjoyed looked at food packaging and analysing the suagar content.
  • We found it interesting to find out what is really in our food!


  • We learned how to do a good overarm throw in PE and enjoyed the clear the garden game.
  • We want to work on this more.
  • We learned about personal hygiene and thought this was important.
  • We had a circle time about challenging our mindset.


  • We learned about Ramadan.