P6T WB 18 & 25 May

What a busy couple of weeks we have had!

Many of us participated in the HUB sports  event and in Hockey and Dance. We came first place for dance and received a certificate for team spirit! Some of us also participated in the Intescholastics event.

We participated in the Maths challenge at Boroughmuir. We worked with children in our cluster to solve maths problems. We enjoyed seeing the lovely new building and meeting other P6s.

This week we visited the theatre to watch a play called Feast of Bones. It really made us think more deeply about the story of Henny Penny.

We are finishing off out topic on percentages and calculating percentages of amounts.

We are developing our skills in creating suspense in our imaginative writing. We have used an example text called ‘The Old Mill’ and learning the structure and have created a writer’s toolkit so we can use this to help us write our own stories filled with suspense and hidden danger!

In Health and Wellbeing, we have talked about success and what it looks like. We explore the image of an iceberg and that what goes into success is often bigger and unseen. We created a painting to represent this.