P2D Reflective Friday- Week beginning 4.6.18


Reading books will be sent home next week for the last time before the Summer Holidays. We will continue reading in class.


We have been adding ‘ed’ to the end of a verb: ed with y = ied

cry- cried

fry- fried

worry- worried

We are continuing to work on spelling tricky words so please could you continue this at home.

We have been focusing on our handwriting in class. We have been revising all letters in our new handwriting jotters.

Maths & Numeracy

  • We have been dividing numbers equally. 12 divided by 3- 3 plates and divide pasta equally onto each plate.
  • We have been comparing lengths using cm and measuring parts of our body.

We are going to be looking at ‘weight’ next week: measuring in grams and kilograms. Use the game below as a starter for our learning next week.

Game 1


  • We have been identifying the different parts of our eye.
  • We have been identifying our senses and understanding why these are so important.
  • We have also been carrying out sense experiments with Mrs Ritchie.

What we are looking forward to next week:

  • Create our own games outdoors.
  • Going to see the P7 Show- how exciting!
  • Dividing numbers equally.