P3B Reflective Friday 8.6.18

Our learning this week in P3B:


This week in Maths we have focused on:

  • Learn Its- these have continued daily, with more PB’s being achieved and others graduating to the next level.
  • We have continued our investigation of tenths – both of a shape and as value of a number, eg 1/10 of 30, 3/10 of 20 and also on a number line.
  • We have continued to learn about telling the time using a digital clock, focusing on the main quarter points, ie 00:00, 00:15, 00:30 & 00:45. Some of the class have started to explore time in 5 minute intervals.


Our literacy learning has included:

  • Spelling with a  focus on “EA” words, eg head, read, bread.
  • We have continued our learning about poems, looking for rhythm, patterns, rhyme, repetition. To support our learning we created our own verse to a poem about “Surprises” which followed the pattern in the original poem.
  • Linked to our HWB learning we used the plan created last week about a banana during its journey from growing in the tropics to arrival in a UK shop and then to its final destination to write a story which included the many emotions experienced by the banana and description to explain the different stages of the journey.


We have completed our mosaic art of fruit and vegetables.


  • We have started a small project on investigating our community. We started by identifying what we could do during the project, this included:
    • using maps to find out about Buckstone and how it has changed over the years.
    • finding “landmarks” in the area.
    • discovering how the land is used.
  • We would also like to become architects and design a “brand new” Buckstone.


This week we continued the theme of instructions by learning how to programme a “virtual” robot – Daisy the Dinosaur, giving her instructions which used more complex commands, like repeat & when, which allows more control over the robot and writing instructions with less code.