P3M’s learning this week – 08.06.18


This week in Literacy we continued our Banana Emotions story. We had to think of the journey of a banana and then consider how it felt. Some these emotions included happy, angry, content and relaxed. We created some wonderful, interesting stories about this.

In Spelling our pattern this week is ‘ea’ which sounds like e. For example feather, heather and weather. We enjoyed creating our own spelling word searches to practice this. We did find that we were getting a little confused by e words and ea words.

We would like to continue the ea pattern next week.

Maths and Numeracy 

This week we continued our work on Time. We were converting between digital clocks and analogue clocks. Some of us managed to think about 5 minute intervals – e.g. twenty to six. We enjoyed this and we know it will help us later in life.

When working with fractions this week, some of us found our work with fifths tricky. This included fifths of a shape, number and on a numberline.

We would like to continue to work on digital clocks and 5 minute intervals next week.

We know that 6:05 is five past six and 2:00 is two o’clock.

Health and Wellbeing

This week we learnt how learning shapes our brain as well as the different parts of the brain.

We enjoyed reading the book “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain” – Stretch it, shape it” to help us learn about the wonders of our brains and how they help us learn new things! Remember “I can’t do it…yet!!!”

We also enjoyed learning the names of different parts of the brain. Ask us about this!

In P.E. we found rallies and keepie uppies in tennis tricky. We were also trying to hit the tennis ball of the sides of the rackets.


We started our new topic this week – all about our community…BUCKSTONE!

We enjoyed creating our houses in 3D. We used paper to do this.


Other Curricular Areas

  • We finished our mosaic art work from last week. We enjoyed doing this and sharing our work with others.
  • We did find the sticking of the paper to our mosaic challenging – but they did look wonderful at the end!