P3S 08.06.18

Two things to try this week 🙂
*practise calculating 1 half, quarter, tenth and fifth of a number
*write an acrostic poem


Maths and Numeracy

This week we have been learning more about tenths and fifths. We can identify tenths and fifths of a shape, and can draw our own representations as well. However calculating tenths and fifths of a number have been a little trickier.

We have revised our division strategies for this (number lines, equal groups, counting on fingers) and will keep working on it.

We have revised quarter past and quarter to on analogue and digital clocks. This is proving tricky, so we will go through it again next week for those that need a wee reminder.
We have also been thinking about 5 minute intervals, and will go onto practise this next week.


Literacy and Language

This week we have been examining our books through reflective reading questions as usual. We have also looked at the main events in our books, and retold the story in a comic book style.

We have continued our work on poetry, acting out the poem ‘Splish Splash Splosh’. We then wrote an acrostic poem about swimming, thinking of our Thursday swimming lessons for inspiration. We do love an acrostic!

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Our spelling words this week have focused on the sneaky ‘o’ sound that comes before ‘l’. The word ‘salt’ sounds like it should be spelled ‘solt’, but some words like this are spelled with an a’
Some you could practise at home include:  salt, wall, halt, small, bald, stall, scalded, netball, alter and calling.                 



Starting our new topic all about our Local Community, we have been looking at Buckstone! We looked at Google Maps, and enjoyed finding our own house, before creating a big map on the wall together. We have compared Buckstone to other areas of Edinburgh, and have talked about the different types of housing. So if you randomly hear ‘that’s a semi detached house’ while going somewhere, that’s why!