P4G Reflective Friday 8.6.18

What have we been learning this week?


In Reading Detectives we have moved groups and started new books.  We only have three weeks of term left so may need to squeeze in some extra reading at home and during ERIC time to get finished off.

Spelling: we have been learning about Silent k words and we made our own wordsearches with these words.

Week 29 silent k

We have been learning about adverbs (words which describe a verb).  Everyone has treid to use adverbs to start a sentence.  Can you use these adverbs at the beginning of a sentence:





We had a look at some Shape poems: “Handy to Have”, “Fruit Salad” and “Hair We Go Again”.

Numeracy and Maths:

We have started to work on tenths in fractions.  Can you work out a tenth of these numbers?

900, 1000, 50, 140, 290

(Remember to divide by 10).

In Money, we looked at different coins, notes, credit cards and debit cards.

Please continue to learn your times tables.

Other Areas:

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Sigurd the Viking.  We looked at a timeline of important events in history and where the Vikings fitted into this.  We had our own battle and used our shields to make a Viking wall.  We learned about the toys that children played with in Viking times and that they were useful for teaching them skills for the future.  For example, a spinning top strengthened the muscles needed for using a spinning wheel for weaving.  Do your toys and games help you when you’re an adult?

What we have enjoyed:

“In PE we played tennis and I had fun!” Daniel

“We enjoyed our Viking workshop.” Belle

“I loved doing watercolours.” Sarah

“We enjoyed doing some fractions in maths.” Sean

What we have found challenging:

Playing the Viking games- thinking about our tactics; choosing new books for our Book Detective groups; the fractions worksheet.