P5F Reflective Friday 8.6.18

This week Reflective Friday was completed by Amelie, Alanna and Abbi – well done girls!

Reflective Friday!!!

Surgeons hall

On Wednesday morning, we went to surgeon’s hall. # it was so much fun! It was quite cool but also very gruesome.

We learned about the digestive system and how poo is made.

Holyrood Palace

On Wednesday afternoon, we went to Holyrood palace. We learnt a little bit more about Mary Queen of Scots. We went into the room that David Rizzio was stabbed in (he was stabbed 56 times).We saw the blood stain on the floor but we do not know if it is real or not…


In maths we learned about equivalent fractions. ½ = 3/6 .


In spelling we learnt about how we say the ph sound e.g photo Dolphin photograph graph