P2c. Our week ending 8.6.18


We revised all our block 3, 4 and 5 tricky words and introduced “eight” and “learn”

We wrote a report about our weekend and also an adventure story using interesting vocabulary.

Thank you for your continued support with practising key vocabulary and signing the reading record.

We are continuing to work in class on predicting, analysing and discussing the wide range of texts we read – including, but not limited to, our home reading books. We would encourage the children to make personal choices of reading material from home and library – school reading books are only a small part of becoming an avid reader.

Numeracy & Mathematics

We practised making groups and revised our 2, 5 and 10 times tables, orally and on a written challenge sheet.

Please continue to use the hit the button interactive game to consolidate your knowledge of the tables ( and the link to division facts )

Other areas of the curriculum

We discussed fruits we liked or have never tried, then on Friday, Gill helped us to make fruity faces and encouraged us to try new things. We were quite adventurous ! (See more photos on the last blog post.)

We discussed what makes us happy and how we can make others happy. We also learned about growth and fixed mindsets.

We learned more about  instruments in the orchestra and listened to a clarinet.  We learned to identify the mouthpiece, reed, bell and keys.

In PE we used our hand/eye coordination skills and we cooperated in team games.