P3M’s learning this week – 15.06.18


P3 have started their novel study on Roald Dahl’s The Magic Finger. We made predictions about what might happen and wrote letters to Roald Dahl asking for the power to have our own magic finger!! We know all the main characters now. We are looking forward to reading more of the book next week.

We wrote poems using letters of the alphabet for inspiration. We found it hard to think of a phrase for z and x.

In Spelling we wanted to revisit the ‘ea’ pattern which sounds like e. For example feather, heather and weather.

Maths and Numeracy 

This week we continued our work on Time. We were converting between digital clocks and analogue clocks. Some of us managed to think about 5 minute intervals – e.g. twenty to six.

We focussed on fifths of a number and fifths on a number line when working on Fractions.

We would like to continue to work on digital clocks and 5 minute intervals next week.

We know that 6:05 is five past six and 2:00 is two o’clock.

Health and Wellbeing

In P.E. we found rallies and keepie uppies in tennis tricky. We were able to give each other feedback on our tennis skills.

In assembly we were learning more about how to challenge our mindsets!


We went on a walk around Buckstone on Tuesday. We looked at different styles of house and plotted our route on a map. We also looked at maps of the area from a long time ago and compared how the land use had changed over time.