P4G Reflective Friday 15th June 2018

What have we been learning this week?


Our spelling pattern this week was silent k, see the link below.

Week 29 silent k

This week we also completed a spelling assessment.

In Handwriting we wrote out some poetry using our neatest joined up writing.

We set our new reading and got together in our reading detective groups.

We started to research for our solo presentations, we need to research an area we are interested in about the Vikings and produce a 1-2 minute talk.  We can use posters, powerpoints and should work on this at home. 

We need to include:

  • what our talk is about
  • at least three interesting facts
  • a conclusion

Please have a talk prepared by Wednesday.


We worked with money: adding amounts and change.

In fractions we worked with tenths and fifths.

We continued with our beat-thats.   Keep practising at home.  Here are links to the beat thats that we are working on.


Other Areas:

In our Vikings topic we started to find out about Viking longhouses.  We also found out about the history of the Lewis Chessmen and designed and made our own out of clay.  Have a look at the pictures below.

In Music we were learning about beat and rhythm through songs and using instruments.

What have we enjoyed?

“The P7 show.  The best show EVER!” everyone!

“We enjoyed doing our Lewis chess pieces.” William

“I enjoyed doing two gym classes.” Jessica

“I loved hearing the ugly duckling song!” Rebecca