Welcome to P3!

A very warm welcome to primary 3!  We have been busy settling into our new classrooms and meeting our new teachers; Mr Taylor, Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailley.

We listened to everyones exciting stories about their holidays and we all wrote about them.

We have three simple rules in our classes and they are be READY, be RESPECTFUL and be SAFE.  We thought about what being ready, respectful and safe looks like in school and here are some of our ideas:


  • come to school prepared with a pencil, PE kit, water bottle etc
  • Sitting on the carpet ready to listen
  • Lining up quietly ready to move through the school
  • When we come into class we have what we need on our desks ready to start our work


  • Treat other people how we want to be treated
  • Be kind
  • be gentle
  • look after our own and others belongings including the schools


  • Make sensible choices
  • follow instructions
  • listen to adults in school
  • Walking through the school

P3 Magical Mumbai have been designing Indian lunchboxes as we were learning about the dabbawalas who deliver home cooked lunches to workplaces by bicycle and cart.

P3 Tremendous Tasmania have located where Tasmania is using google earth. It is south of mainland Australia. Mr Taylor calls us his little Tasmanian Devils!  We read about sea turtles and answered questions about them. We are making paper mache turtles which we will finish next week. We can’t wait to show them to you at meet the teacher in a few weeks time.

We are all getting used to our new routines and we will let you know PE times etc very soon. Please have PE kits, indoor shoes in class at all times. Many Thanks


Primary Three.