P2c Reflective Friday 24.8.18

P2c have had a busy week !


We have read and discussed the story  “Who’s our new Teacher?  We used our imaginations to guess who the teacher in the book might be. We made a list of  the describing words in the book and then added more of our own. We designed our own imaginary teachers and wrote a sentence describing them.

Numeracy and Maths

We have been revising our knowledge of number before and after, and of  recognising numbers to 100.


Other areas of the curriculum.

In PE we have been focusing on travelling through a space carefully and considerately, using our bodies in different ways e.g, slow walking, fast walking, slow jogging, fast running, hopping, toe to heel walking etc.We also used bean bags to practise balancing.

We have been learning some facts about China. Ask us what we can remember.

We have discussed what it means to be  Ready, Respectful and Safe in school and how we can achieve this as a class.

We had a class discussion about what topic we would like to investigate this term. So many ideas that no decision has been made yet!

It is equalities week, and the whole school have been investigating what equality means in different situation. What is fair or unfair? Watching this story prompted lots of discussion. You may wish to watch it at home too.

We practised our cutting skills, using scissors safely and efficiently.