P4W Wonderful Woodland 24.8.18

It has been a busy week of learning in Primary 4W!


  • Developing our reading skills using fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • Developing our writing skills by using adjectives.
  • Using a thesaurus to up-level our describing words.
  • Developing our poetry writing skills.
  • Ordering instructions.
  • Developing our listening skills and talking skills.


  • Developing our addition skills, knowledge of jigsaw numbers and doubles.
  • Developing our knowledge of place value.
  • Counting in tens and hundreds.
  • Talking about which digits mean hundreds, tens and units in 3-digit numbers.
  • Explaining the value of each digit.


  • Using a variety of painting techniques.
  • Develoing our drawing skills.
  • Listening to different styles of music.
  • Developing our classroom organisation.