P7M Reflective Friday Week 2


In Primary 7M We have been learning to:


We have been learning to write a biography of a friend and learned how to correct a draft.


We have been learning how to design a board game to develop various maths skills, as well as applying our previous maths skills to carry out an assesment.


We have been learning that equality means not treating people the same but treating people how they need to be treated. Following this we wrote a newspaper article or a script based on a true story about a Muslim woman who was discriminated against for wearing a head scarf.

Expressive Arts

We learned how to play African drums using plastic tubs.  We also designed our class name display on the city of Madrid.  We worked in small teams and researched different aspects of life in Madrid.

Skills clubs

We decided this week that our three skills clubs were ICT where we learned how to code using Scratch, the Bakers made Empire biscuits and the third club made slime.

Looking forward to another magical week of learning, have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Magill