Primary One Home Learning – 30 August 2018

The very first home learning post…

Please check our class blogs every Thursday.

We hope that you are sharing your learning at home with your parents/carers.

Each week we will give you a little overview of our learning below.


This week we have been working on the ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘s’ and ‘p’ sounds.

  • Can you spot anything at home that begins with these sounds?
  • Can you build any words with the sounds above- ‘sat’.
  • Below is a link for the sound videos we use in class. You can work on the actions for each sound at home.
  • We have been working on learning to write these sounds in cursive handwriting. We will share more information about this at the ‘P1 Curriculum Event’ in September.

Click on the link below to work on the sounds above.

Phonics sound support

Maths & Numeracy

This week have been recognising domino dot patterns and counting forwards and backwards in 1s.

  • Can you draw the dot patterns at home?
  • Can you count collections of objects at home? Perhaps pasta, counters, sweets, pencils, popcorn?
  • Each week we will choose a learning activity from the grid below. We will send home a copy of this in your child’s purple home learning bag.

Ch5 Emergent Home Learning Wall

Ch5 Emergent Home Learning Wall

Other Curriculum Areas

  • We have been writing our names in cursive writing.
  • We took part in outdoor learning activities.
  • We used celery to print scales on our very own ‘Tiddler’ fish.
  • We have created a French Cafe in our role play area (P1S).
  • We took part in drama activities linked to our ‘Tiddler’ story (P1F).