P2c reflective Friday 31.8.18

We still have 3 un-named jumpers, a cardi and a pair of tights in our classroom jumper box.



We have read and discussed the story  “Class 2 at the zoo”  We wrote lists and sentences about what we might see in the zoo. We have enjoyed finding out more about Anacondas and other types of snake. We designed warning posters to warn people about the snake in the story.


We enjoy “BEAR” time in class ( Be Excited About Reading) when we all choose books to read together and share with our friends.




Cursive writing is tricky !


Numeracy and Maths

We are continuing  to revise counting forward and back number sequences up to and/or beyond 20. Please support us by practising this at home. For example, an adult saying three numbers and the child continuing the pattern


“11, 12, 13”  – “14,  15, 16”

“20, 19, 18” – “17, 16, 15”

Provide challenge if you wish by using numbers up to 100, extra challenge by crossing the tens ( particularly backwards)

“54, 53, 52” – “51, 50, 49”


Lots of  us have been writing our numbers backwards so we want to work on this next week. We have also been writing ‘teen numbers’ with the 1 as the second digit so 61 instead of 16. Again we will work on this next week.

Other areas of the curriculum.

In PE we have been using our skills of timing and coordination to throw and catch small pieces of equipment such as small balls, beanbags and quoits.

We used our voices in different ways in music and played a listening game called ‘Robin Hood’

In drama with Mrs McFarlane we played Simon Says as a class and with partners to practise our talking and listening skills .

In assembly we were learning about what harvest time is.

We enjoyed making self portraits using loose parts.