P3 Magical Mumbai 31.8.18

It was lovely to meet so many parents yesterday, if you were not able to come along please say hello at the end of a day.


New reading books will go out on Mondays and Tuesdays depending on your child’s group. The whole book is to be read at home for the following Monday or Tuesday. Please remind your child to bring their reading book back to school EVERY DAY as your child will need it for the  daily reading activities.

In writing we are still focusing on using full stops and capital letters correctly. The children have been writing about personal experiences and trying to punctuate them correctly. In handwriting we were learning to write a cursive c.

In maths we have been working in our SEAL groups as well as trying to improve our speed and accuracy with the two times table.

In PE we have been playing games to improve our fitness levels.

In art we drew our families. In drama we practised turning negative remarks into positive ones and in music we learned a song from India.

In French we practised having a conversation with another person using the vocabulary we had learned. We also practised the numbers from 0 to 20.


As part of our health and wellbeing the class have the opportunity to run/walk for a mile around the playground. This usually happens after lunchtime when the children are already wearing their outdoor shoes. If there are specific shoes you wish your child to wear for this activity please let one of us know.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey and P3M