P7R Reflective Friday 31.8.18


This week we were focussing on the use of commas to help make our writing more interesting.

We enjoyed reading the first chapter of our class novel, Coraline – we can’t wait to see what happens next!

This week we created groups for Literacy Circle and had our first meeting.  We picked some great novels.

We finished making our Route 66 holiday brochures – we have all added that to our bucket list!



We continued creating our maths board games and had a go at playing each other’s. This was great fun! Everyone has fantastic, unique ideas!

We finished chapter 0 and 1 in our text books and we are looking forward to learning new maths topics next week.


Other curricular areas

In P.E. we used the game Snakes and Ladders to test our fitness.

In music this week we were making sounds to fill in gaps in music, this helped us learn about rhythm.

We had a meeting (with some great discussion) with the whole of P7 to discuss how we want to learn about politics and social affairs.