This week in P5W 31/8/18

Our 3rd Blog has been created by each Table Team.

Literacy written by Scary Skeletons

We created imaginative stories which had to include fireworks, pen and a lollipop. It was fun!

We started out class novel, Greyfriars Bobby and summarised the first chapter. It was hard to put it in short form.

In Spelling we revised adding endings like ing and ed

Morning challenges by Robotic Wolves and Pretty Pandas

We wrote words and rearranged the letters to make new words. It was quite a challenge. We designed a pencil case which had to contain gadgets and be labelled.

We made bookmarks for our class library books.

Languages written by the Fabulous footballers

At school we have spoken 4 languages this week .A Mandarin teacher visited and taught us Mandarin. It was amazing!

We learnt the German alphabet and we revised French numbers, days of the week, months. feelings and weather .

Numeracy  written  by Daring Dolphins

We are working on 3d shapes and their properties. We worked in different stations and made some with straws.

In place value we have been learning about how we figure out what each number means and its value in a bigger number.

Art written by Arctic Foxes

We created portraits which had glasses full of activities which we enjoy.

Our class identity is Highland Waterfalls (P5HW) so drew  landscapes . It was hard to draw waterfalls!

HWB  written by Ms Hastie

We looked at growth mindset and explored  the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset. We discussed the importance of the word    ” ……yet!”

We created our class agreement of Ready, Respect and Safe and designed name tags as signatures.

We took part in fitness activities in PE  and played a very active  game of fitness snakes and ladders.

Have a lovely weekend!