P6N – What we have been learning so far (03.09.18)


We have been busy already! In Reading, we have started to read a class novel – “Friend or Foe” by Michael Morpurgo. This is a book about WWII, specifically evacuating. In order to explore the story we made up questions to ask the main character – this allows us to understand the characters more. For example, what is your favourite place and why? and What role does your dad have in the army? We are looking forward to reading more of this!

In Writing, we have been trying to uplevel paragraphs to make it more exciting. This included sophisticated vocabulary, such as swiftly and briskly.

We also have been continuing stories. We enjoyed this. At the very beginning of term we had to reply to a letter from Mrs Nicholson describing ourselves!

In Spelling, we have been revising words from P5.

Maths and Numeracy 

We have started this year by exploring place value. This includes partitioning numbers. We are working in the hundreds of thousands, e.g. 124 897 = 100 000, 20 000, 4000, 800, 90 and 7.

In addition, we have been using Empty Number Lines to partition numbers and count in 100s/1000s.

We have also been finding our level of challenge for Beat Thats!

Health and Wellbeing

We have started our whole school Building Resilience topic – Take a Moment! This emphasises the importance of relaxing and taking care of yourself mentally.

Other areas of the curriculum 

Our topic this term is space! We have started to think about what we know and want to know…watch this space for more details!

To get to know each other we have completed All About Me posters! They explain our hobbies and likes.

We have been learning all about our class country – Nicaragua!

To assist with our class charters we have discussed being “Ready, Respectful and Safe”. We will use this to help us remember how we should be in and around the school.