P1 Home Learning- Thursday 6 September

Thank you so much for supporting your child with bringing their purple bags to school each day.

A little reminder- P1 Curriculum Afternoon at 2pm on the 12th September


This week we are sending home copies of the sound flashcards in cursive font as well as the sounds on printed font. This is so that you can support your child at home with identifying the letters in cursive text. (We will share more information about this at the Curriculum Afternoon next week)

Your child has a literacy sheet home in their purple folder today. Remember to work on each sound at home. Cut out the flashcards and keep these in a special place.

Remember that the ‘t’ sound is not ‘ti’. See the link from last week with the sound video to help your child at home.

Can you recognise the sounds in the words listed on the sheet? Which sound is first, second, third?

This week we have been learning ‘n’, ‘i’, ‘r’ and ‘m’


Numeracy and Maths

This week we have been learning:

  • to recognise random dot patterns up to 6.  Can you draw a dot pattern at home?
  • to order numbers to 20.
  • which number comes before and after….?
  • to count forwards and backwards to 20.

Game to try at home

The activity to focus on this week is activities 2 and 3 from the numeracy home learning wall. (This was sent home last week on orange paper).


Other curricular areas

Interdisciplinary learning/topic

Our topic this term is ‘Bears’. The children have helped to plan our topic and have asked some interesting questions which they would like to find out.

We have been learning to:

  • retell the story of ‘The Everywhere Bear’.
  • identify different types of bear around the world. (P1S)

PE/Health and Well-being

  • we have been learning to move in different ways in a large space.
  • we took part in a circle time to share times we feel down/up linked to our whole school resilience focus.

Learning Through Play

Some of our learn through play opportunities this week:

  • ordering large number tiles
  • creating play doh letters
  • building CVC words with the sounds we have learned
  • creating a colour pattern
  • communicating in the role play French Cafe
  • creating random dot patterns using our fingers and paint!
  • creating ‘n’ necklaces
  • finding dot pattern pairs in sand