In handwriting we have been practising the letter o! This is how we do it! Keep practising at home – especially when we join two os together!



In Reading, we read the book “Aaaarrrggghhh Spider!”. We loved reading this book! First we predicted what we thought was going to happen in the story. After we decided to find out facts about spiders. We then made fact book! Don’t they look great!?

As we enjoyed the book so much we even got to go on a spider hunt and found some real spiders! Some of us decided to make some of our own spiders too!



This week we have been learning all about teen numbers and thinking about what comes before and after! By the end of the week we were getting pretty good at this! In our groups we have been doing lots of different things, including counting up and back to 20, counting objects and saying what comes next.

We also started learning about time! Specifically the days of the week! We will move on to months of the year next week!

Other areas of the currciulum

  • We started our topic – all about animals! We read the book “Polly Jean Pyjama Queen” to help us learn about animals – this will take us a while! We got to design our own pyjamas to start of the topic and get to know the story more! We created some great looking pyjamas.
  • In P.E. we have practised our throwing and catching skills. We used beanbags to do this hoops. We also practised jumping by skipping and trying to jump two feet to two feet. To warm up we played a really fun game – we all loved it!
  • The whole school started the Building Resilience topic “Take a moment”! We will be sure to talk about when we feel up and down!