P1 Everywhere Bear

Good afternoon everyone!

We have started a ‘bear’ topic this term and have been reading the story ‘The Everywhere Bear’. The Bear goes on lots of adventures.

We are planning to start sending home our ‘Everywhere Bear’ next week. The bear will visit each child’s home for one night and it would be fantastic if you could fill in the diary provided to share what the bear did while at home with your child.

You can attach pictures, drawings or even just a sentence to say “The Bear went to gymnastics with me.” We will share the experiences each day in class.

Important: If the bear comes home with you on Tuesday for example then please make sure that you return the bear on the Wednesday. This is to allow every child to have a turn.


Here is a link to the story being read aloud. (not the best quality but will help you if you are unsure of the story)

We can’t wait to hear all about the adventures!

Thank you for your support,

The P1 Team 🙂