P2c reflective Friday 7.9.18



This week we have been reading the book ‘Aaarrgh – Spider” – this has led us to learn all about spiders by reading non fiction books. We are spider experts – please ask us what we know !

We enjoyed making paper spiders and going on a spider hunt in the playground as well. We have learned some great new vocabulary, such as thorax, abdomen, exoskeleton


We continue to enjoy “BEAR” time in class ( Be Excited About Reading) when we all choose books to read together and share with our friends.

Cursive writing is tricky  but we have now learned the letter  o


Reading books will be sent home by the end of next week. 

Numeracy and Maths

Our focus this week has been on the teen numbers. We have been practising writing the, correctly. We have also enjoyed learning rhyme about numbers in the teens.



Other areas of the curriculum.

In PE we have been using our skills of timing and coordination to throw and catch small pieces of equipment such as small balls, beanbags and quoits.


In music we continued with our exploration of our voices, and we also started using actions to experience a steady beat.

In assembly we were learning about how to ‘take a moment’ when we feel stressed or angry.

In the book Polly Jean Pyjama Queen, the animals all have very special pyjamas. We enjoyed designing pyjamas that show something special about us.


We also discussed how we would like to learn more about animals and we planned some questions. We will begin to work on finding the answers to some of these questions next week.

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