P3M 7.9.18

Another busy week for P3M!

We began the week with a whole school assembly all about resilience with the focus on “taking a moment” when we feel stressed, upset or angry. We explored this further in drama where some of us shared with the rest of the class when we had felt this way.

In PE we were outside playing hockey and played some fitness games as well.

In maths our mental warm ups were the 2 and 5 times tables before we worked on different aspects of SEAL  in our groups.

We went for a walk around the woods and playground to look for some signs of Autumn. We then wrote about what we had seen, trying to use full stops and capital letters correctly as well as thinking about different ways of starting our sentences.

We worked with a partner to find information about India for a poster we are going to design. We have been practising our Indian song and dance for our upcoming assembly!

We have started to look at the French words for colours.

Have a great weekend.

P3M Mrs Munro and Mrs Bailey