P4G Week beginning 3rd September 2018

Here’s what we have been learning this week.


  • We wrote a short piece all about ouselves.
  • After being given the start of a story, we finished it ourselves using exciting vocabulary.
  • We worked on pyramid writing using our new spelling pattern, ing words.  (See link below for the words).
  • We finished reading Storm and were surprised by the cliffhanger at the end- we were left with so many questions!
  • In cursive writing we worked on c, d and e.

3.9.18 spellings ing endings


  • In maths we worked on bar graphs, trying to interpret information from them.
  • We continued working on our beat-thats (links below).
  • We have practised our times tables (2, 5 and 3).
  • We have worked on ordering numbers, some of us worked on numbers bigger than 1000.

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

Other Areas:

  • In PE, we tried out lots of different fitness skills and talked about changes in our bodies when we exercise.
  • In Topic, we started to look at the differences between living and non-living things.  Here’s a picture of some of the sorting that we did.


  • In French we learnt about the months of the year.
  • In Music, we worked in groups to follow the conductor’s instructions.  We were working on loud and soft sounds.

What we have found challenging:

The French months of the year, bar graphs- when they go up in multiples instead of ones, comprehension.

What we have enjoyed:

“I enjoyed beat-thats!”

“I enjoyed learning about living things.”

“Finishing our table signs.”

Isn’t our classroom starting to look fab? We have been working really hard on our displays!