This week in P5W 7/9/18

Our Blog has been created by each Table Team.

Here is our class identity wall!

Literacy written  Arctic Foxes

We wrote imaginative stories about the Magic Escalator. We created a plan which we used to write our stories.

We assessed our own stories using certain criteria and worked out our next steps to work on.

We continued Greyfriars Bobby and discussed  chapter 2. We used Word wizard to find out meanings of some unfamiliar words.

In Spelling we added ing and ed to words ending in y  like cry and try.

Morning challenges by the Scary Skeletons

We created mythical creatures and labelled them They were all very different.

We wrote the good and bad things about living in a city versus living in the countryside. It made a very interesting discussion.

Languages written by the Daring Dolphins

At school we have spoken 4 languages  again this week .In Mandarin we wrote our name and are trying to learn how to do it from memory. We learnt how to count to 12 in German. In French we learned how to hold a conversation and say our birthdays.

Numeracy  written  by Robotic Wolves

We continues working  on 3d shapes and their properties. We worked together to make  a cube form a 3d net. We also worked on right angles and angles with 180, 270 and 360 degrees.

In place value we have been learning to figure out what each number means and how to  work out a random number on a number scale. We worked out  hidden numbers in between  3 digit numbers numbers .

HWB written by Fabulous Footballers

In Assembly we looked at the way stress can effect us and in class we discussed ways we use to cope in stressful situations. We watched a clip which showed an orchestra flash mob. It was very inspirational and uplifting.  In PE we were looking at respect and tolerance , problem solving and motivation . We used hockey sticks and balls .We learnt how to dribble and do a push pass  and we devised our own drills.


Broomlee  by the Pretty Pandas

We made a short list of the people we would like to share a dorm with at Broomlee. We had to think hard about it. We talked about what Broomlee is like.  We are all getting very excited.

Have a lovely weekend!