P1 Home Learning- Thursday 13 September

A little reminder: The weather is changing and some children are trying very hard to go out to break and lunch with no jumper or coat on. Please could you talk to your child/ children about this so that we are all remembering the message each day. Thank you 🙂


Your child has a literacy sheet home in their purple folder today. Remember to work on each sound at home. Cut out the flashcards and keep these in a special place.

Can you recognise the sounds in the words listed on the sheet? Which sound is first, second, third?

This week we have been learning ‘e’, ‘h’ and ‘d’.

We have been working on dictating words like ‘pan’ and ‘tap’ in class. Can you write down 3 letter words at home using the sounds you know?

Numeracy and Maths

This week we have been learning:

  • to recognise random dot patterns up to 6.  Can you draw a dot pattern at home?
  • to count on and back from a given number – 15, 14, 13…….
  • to continue a repeated number and coloured pattern.

Game to try at home

The activity to focus on this week is activity 4 from the numeracy home learning wall. (This was sent home last week on orange paper).

Other curricular areas

Interdisciplinary learning/topic

  • We have started to send home ‘Everywhere Bear’. We are enjoying hearing all about his adventures at your home.
  • We have been learning all about ‘Grizzly Bears’. Can you share a fact at home? (P1S)
  • We have started to create our own bear art work looking at the texture of a bear’s fur.


  • Greetings
  • Days of the week
  • My name is…

Learning Through Play

Some of our learn through play opportunities this week:

  • Creating aliens using domino patterns to help us
  • Working on writing our letters in cursive writing
  • Counting collections of counters
  • Finding the missing number
  • Developing experiences with volume using water and sand
  • Recognising and creating patterns using construction materials and paint