P2 Reading information


P2 will be bringing a reading book home by the end of the week beginning 10th September. Each group will have a ‘new book’ day when they will be given a new title to read at home. Please read and discuss this book with your child. We will be further developing our reading skills in class using this book so please ensure it is brought to school each day. n.b. in the early stages of term your child may bring home a book which they have previously read. This is for consolidation and revision. Don’t worry – we will be moving forward quickly.

Each pupil will soon be given a Rocket bookmark to cut out and keep in their reading folder. Please use the question prompts from the bookmark with your child to promote discussion, comprehension and thinking skills.

Sight vocabulary cards – Your child may occasionally be given a coloured card with a list of words to learn to read by sight. It would be helpful if they could revise this key vocabulary ‘little and often’ and not always in order! Please note, it is not necessary for your child to learn to spell these words – only to read them by sight. Spelling words, if they are sent home, will be clearly identified.

Reading ‘Homework’ is only one part of developing a child’s ready fluency. There are lots of opportunities in school for reading other material, and of course, we would encourage the children to read as widely as they wish, using books from home and the local library.

Thank you for your continued support.