P3 Magical Mumbai 14.9.18

This week was Maths Week in Scotland. We had a daily maths challenge . We were counting on in 1s and 2s and working on place value.In PE we collected data from our fitness challenge and made bar graphs.

It was our Big Writing assessment this week and we were writing about our weekends. As well as using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces correctly we were also trying to use wow words and joining words. In reading we were working on characterisation and prediction. Ask us to describe the main character in our reading books .

Mrs Watson came to visit us as she had been at an Indian wedding in the summer, she brought her beautiful sari and we asked her lots of questions about her trip. We finished our posters about Jaipur and worked successfully with a partner.

We were learing the French words for 11 colours and we played some games to help us remember them.

In Health and Wellbeing we were talking about emotions and played a miming game to help us think about our feelings.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Mrs Munro, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Tait and P3M