P4B Reflective Friday 14.9.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We have played a fun game called addition bingo on the smart board, during this game we came up with lots of strategies for working out sums with a partner and also learned about bridging 10.

We have continued with Data Handling. This week we have begun to collect information and create our own bar charts. We found out that we need a title, also names for the each of the bars and we had to think about a scale.


We carried on with our class novel Spud Murphy. We talked about how the author created humour and tried to find out our top 3 funny bits.

In spelling this week we carried on using words that end in ‘ing’. It was tricky because we had to add an extra consonant to the word to keep the vowel short. For example swim – swimming.

We learned how to write the letters u, w and d in cursive this week. We even started to self assess our own work.

Other areas

We learned how to create a line drawing of a moving person, a line drawing has no shading or colouring at all. We added these drawings to our water colour background from last week. They look fab!!

We created a table flag in our new tables, this meant we had to all work together as a team and make sure everyones ideas were included. We had to join our four pictures in the middle perfectly. It was tricky!!