P4G Week Beginning 10th September 2018

Here is some of the learning that we have been doing this week in P4G.


  • In spelling we doubled up the final consonant to add ing endings, using “Across and Down” to practise our words.  

Week 2 ing words

  • In cursive writing we worked on the letters i, l, m, n, h and k.
  • We used describing words to describe an object then wrote sentences about using super description.
  • We up-levelled some sentences by improving the openers and descriptive words (vocabulary).
  • We worked on using capitals (to start sentences and for proper nouns) and full stops.


Numeracy and Maths:

  • We made our own bar graphs about how we get to school and about films.
  • We revised our beat- thats (links below).

Beat that 1

Beat that 2

  • We continued to work on place value, ordering numbers and talking about bigger and smaller numbers.


Other Areas:

  • In PE, we worked on hockey skills.
  • We worked on making posters about Living Things.
  • We added to our All About Me posters.
  • In French we continued to learn the French months of the year.

What we have found challenging:

Beat thats and PE.

What we have enjoyed.

“Finding out who our new vice and house captains are and voting.” 

“We enjoyed playing hockey!” 

“I enjoyed doing the Quiz of the Week.”