P5HW’s Week of Learning 14/9/18

Today’s reflective week was written by the table teams.

Maths by the Scary Skeletons:

It was Maths week so  our Morning challenge was based on a maths topic. They were very challenging!!

We rounded  numbers up tpo 100 and 1000s. Some of us challenged ourselves beyond 10000

We carried on looking at shapes and this week we learned how to use  protractors and work out angles.

Literacy  by Robotic Wolves

This week was Big Writing assessment week so we wrote imaginative stories about The Door….

In Spelling we looked at comparative and superlative words endings  of er, est

In handwriting we looked at words ending in ed and ing and how it affects the words

Languages by Pretty Pandas

In Mandarin we learned about the mid Autumn Festival and we watched a  story of why they celebrate the Moon Festival in China.

In German we looked at the alphabet and numbers. We used ipads .

In French we looked at the days , months and seasons.

HWB by Daring Dolphins

We looked at resilience and how to cope with stress .We made posters sharing the strategies we use to cope with stress.

Look out for leaflets in our school bags giving ideas on how to Take a Moment.

We had a joint  fitness lesson with P5H and used the Bodycoach you tube workout . We did it in the new hall on the screen. It was hard work.

Topic by Arctic Foxes

We started our new topic by discussing what we know and designed a front cover for our work. We are all really excited about finding out more .

We said goodbye to one of our classmates who is returning to Japan. We were very sad to see her leave and have loved having her in our class. We will miss her.

Have a lovely holiday weekend.