P6N – Our Learning this Week


–  We have been extending our knowledge of negative numbers; linking this to real life examples using temperatures.

We are Learning to (WALT):

  • give examples of when and where negative numbers are used
  • create number lines which includes negative numbers
  • discuss how far away positive and negative numbers are from zero and recognise the patterns within this
  • compare and order positive and negative numbers
  • carry out simple calculations involving negative numbers by counting on and back

-We have also been working on developing a range of written strategies for completing addition and subtraction calculations.  This week we focussed on traditional column addition and subtraction.  Watch our video demonstrations on how to subtracting using the column method.   


This week we have continued our class novel study of Michael Morpurgo’s  ‘Friend or Foe’.  We have been focussing on making inferences about what a character is thinking and feeling.

We explored the role of the adults in the book and have made comparisons, exploring how different adults view and treat the boys in the book.

We have also been learning about using quotes from the text as evidence to back up points we are making.

We particularly enjoyed a ‘hot seating’ task taking on the role of evacuee, David!


In spelling we started the Primary 6 program – soft g in the final position. In English, no word ends with j.  At the end of words with more than one syllable, the idj sound is spelt age. Eg. advantage.  You can find the word list on the website Spelling City – https://www.spellingcity.com/users/gill115

In writing, we watched a short clip called ‘End of the Road’ and have been brainstorming possible endings.  We are really focussing on uplevelling our writing.  In particular, using a thesaurus to add ambitious and interesting vocabulary to our descriptions.


Other areas of the Curriculum

We are working in groups to become ‘experts’ on the planets in our Solar System.  It is each group’s job to share their learning with the rest of the class.  We are using ICT to gather information about our planets before we present our findings to the class.

We have also been tasked, along with the other P6 class, of choosing a charity to raise money for this year.  We have been researching local charities to help us with our decision.

During skills time we have been developing our sewing skills.  We have been practising a simple running stitch but hope to develop our skills enough in order to make a gift for our Primary 1 buddies.  Watch this space!