P7M Reflective Friday 14.09.18

This week we have been learning about the graffiti artist Banksy and how to use stencils and create tags. We learned that Graffiti releases feelings and emotions, and also uses artistic skills such as line drawing. Graffiti Is Academic in that it is a combination of imagery and text. Usually, the text is a “code name,” or a unique aspect of the individual’s identity. We created and designed our own code name or tag to represent an aspect of our own identity. Our graffiti art incorporated imagery demonstrating our understanding of symbolism, metaphor, and artistic conventions.

We learned how to use persuasive language in our writing. We have been learning to use Bloom’s Taxonomy to up-level our questioning skills to understand texts in more depth.

We have been learning how to round decimals to tenths, hundredths, thousandths and tens of thousandths.

In Social Studies we used our maths knowledge of time to research the Scottish Parliament Time line.

In PE we consolidated our dribbling and passing skills in Hockey.

In Music we were learning how to keep a beat and a pulse by using Boom whackers and Maracas.

In Health and Wellbeing we discussed what coping mechanisms we use when we are feeling down.

In other news we celebrated the announcement of our new house captains and vice captains. In our class we have two house captains and one vice captain. Go us! We also celebrated two members of our class being successful in their job interviews for Fundraising Assistant and Resources Manager. In our classroom we decided to take on more responsibilities which would benefit the whole school.

Have a fabulous long weekend!

P7M and Mrs Magill