P1 Home Learning- Thursday 20 September

We hope that everyone had a lovely Monday holiday!


Please make sure that you are working on all sounds at home each day.

Sounds this week: ‘o’, ‘g’ and ‘f’

Here is the sound link again

Sound link

We have been describing bears in writing this week. Can you share a word you used to describe a bear with a parent? Choose a bear at home and describe it to a parent.

Maths & Numeracy

This week we have been working on:

  • Naming 2D shapes in our classroom and outside
  • Describing the properties: how many sides and corners?
  • Counting backwards and forwards from a given number
  • Counting quantities
  • Ordering numbers from smallest to largest


Please complete activities 8 and 9 on the home learning wall (orange sheet).

Other Curricular Areas

  • We have been travelling in different ways in PE this week.
  • We have been learning what bears eat and talking about food chains.
  • We have been continuing to work on letter formation.

Letter formation

Learning Through Play

  • Threading to make a pattern
  • Sharing and equipment and space in the construction area
  • Finger patterns using paint
  • Using craft materials to create a collage