P2M What we have been learning this week 21.09.18


This week we have continued to practise cursive writing – in particular d and a. We will keep working on a next week!

In Writing we wrote about the crazy weather we have had this week! We had to remember our finger spaces, capital letters, full stops, to stay on the line and to use describing words! Miss Martin felt like she was out in the horrible weather when she was reading our writing!

In Reading we came up with a new group name! They are all based on animals! We liked really in our groups.

In Spelling we focused on tricky words. These included: was, the, to, is, his and put.


We have been learning the months of the year. We can say them but we find it tricky when we are asked what month is before and what month is after. E.g. What month is before April? What month is after April? We have also been reminding ourselves of the days of the week. We will keep practising this next week.

When we are working on numeracy some of us are thinking about adding 2 groups of counters. We are doing well with this. Some groups are also using a number track to help us think about number sequencing.

IMG_1045 a number track

Other areas of curriculum

  • For topic this week we learnt about lions! We went on a Lion Hunt! Some of us made binoculars and lions for us to find! We were scared!
  • In topic next week we will be learning about penguins and monkeys. We are looking forward to this!
  • In P.E. we have been developing our throwing, catching and bouncing skills. We are using smaller balls to make it trickier! We will keep doing this next week. When we are in P.E. we have been assessing our partner by thinking about what they are doing well.
  • We like using our Talking Partners to help us learn.