P4B Reflective Friday 21.9.18

Here is what we have learned this week


We have worked hard with our understanding of bigger numbers, looking at thousands and tens of thousands. We have been writing these using digits and words. We have also focused on adding on 10 and 100 to numbers.

Our first bar charts look great, we concentrated on presentation making sure we always use a ruler and that we have a title and sub headings for each axis. Well done P4.


In writing we started learning about how to use WOW words to make a boring sentence better. We all had to edit and improve two sentences about our summer.

In spelling this week we carried on using words that end in ‘ing’. We learned about words that finish with an ‘e’. When you add ‘ing’ you have to get drop the ‘e’.          For example hope – hoping.

Other areas

In our new topic we learned about what makes something living. What are the characteristics it needs. We found out more about a good way to remember these. It is MRS NERG, this week we found out the MRS stands for – M – Movement – R- Respiration – S – Sensitivity.