P6N – Our Learning this Week


–  We have continued to work on extending our knowledge of negative numbers; linking this to real life examples using temperatures.

This week we linked our learning to our topic – The Solar System.  We had to solve word problems linked to the temperatures of the planets and order these from hottest to coldest.

We also worked on real-life tasks linked to negative balances in bank accounts.  Using real-life scenarios really tested our understanding of negative numbers!

-We focussed on developing traditional written strategies for completing multiplication sums.  We focussed on multiplying 1, 2 or 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number.  We will be learning  more complex strategies later in the term. Here are some video explanations of this strategy.


Reading – The week we got our first reading books! We got put into our groups and then we had to split our reading book into five sections for homework.  This year we will be learning about the literacy circle activities and how to do them.

Class Novel – THis week we read more of our class novel, Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo.  Our whole class love this book and cannot wait to read on.  This week we had to underline speech and tell everyone who said it.  We also had to answer questions using more than one word answer.

Spelling – This week in spelling we did the soft c sound.  Eg. c is soft (saying s) when followed by e, i or y.  This week we got to choose from the super list or the fantastic list of words.  We had to find five or more words for the spectacular list and then put our chosen list of words in alphabetical order.

Thanks to Anna for writing this Literacy section!

Other areas of the Curriculum

At school we have been learning about how to marbling with paint and water in art.  This makes the paper look like the surface of a planet.  

We have been learning about space and we have been given a planet in the other system and we have to get as much information as we could.  So Mrs Ritchie give us a  a talk about Earth and the Moon.  We learned lots of interesting facts, such as,  Earth  is about 70 percent of water!  

In sewing this week we made a Pocket with two pieces of fabric and folded it inside out.  

Thanks to Hana for writing this section!