P1 Home Learning- Thursday 27 September 2018


This week we have been learning the sounds ‘b’, ‘u’ and ‘l’

Please continue to use the flashcards which have been sent home.

We have also started to learn tricky words. These are words which we cannot sound out.




Can you read and write these words at home? Can you spot the words in the story you are reading with a parent/carer?


Numeracy & Maths

This week we have been learning to:

  • Find 2D shapes in 3D objects- we have spotted squares in a cube.
  • Identify 3D shapes indoors and outdoors.

The 3D objects we have been naming are: cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder, pyramid and triangular prism. Which 2D shapes can you spot in these objects at home?

  • Count on from a given number
  • Begin to find how many are altogether. “There are 4 counters here and 2 counters there, how many are there altogether?”
  • Begin to work on number formation using an interactive game. See below:


Other Curriculum areas

We have been learning to:

  • Sequence a story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’
  • Take on the role of a character in drama
  • Balance using different parts of our body in PE
  • Write a list
  • Thank you to our visitor who read a story to us in French to celebrate ‘European Day of Languages 2018’.

Learning Through Play

  • Floating and sinking focus
  • Naming dinosaurs
  • Using materials to create items for our role play area
  • Continuing patterns
  • Using construction to build 3D objects