Our Learning in P6N w/c 24th September



In literacy we learned how to write a summary. As a class we all wrote a summary about the whole class novel Friend or Foe.  We used the five question in five words technique.  We could only write five words for each of the questions – who? What?why? When? Where? 

We then used this technique to help us write a summary for our reading home work.  This is practice for the literature circle role – ‘Super Summariser’.   


We also looked at phrases from Friend or Foe which created excitement and danger in a drowning scene. 


Our spelling rule this week was ‘tion’ says ‘shun’, e.g. attention.

Thanks to Struan for this contribution to the blog post.



This week in maths we have been learning the rules of divisibility for the 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 9x and 10x tables. 

2x- it is even 

3x- if the digital route is in the 3x table 

4x- if you can half it and it is still even 

5x- if it ends with a 0 or a 5 

6x- if its divisible by 3 and if it is even 

8x- if you can half it and it is even and if you can half it again and it is still even 

9x- if the digital route is in the 9x table 

10x- if it has a 0 in the units  

We also learned the traditional method of division please see the videos!    

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Other activities we did throughout week 


In music this week we are learning to make a sound graphs including our topic which is…SPACE! We had to make up a story which we will make into music. 


On Wednesday it was the European day of languages so we did languages on our topic space. We found out what planets are in different languages here are some examples in German! Mercury:Merkur  








We Also Researched Charity to be our year group charity. OUR OFFICAL YEAR GROUP CHARITY IS……….SOCIAL BITE! Our awesome plan is to have a wee sleep out in November!   

(N.B. No arrangements have been made.  We have submitted our proposal to Mrs Imrie for her approval.)

Thanks to Ella for this contribution to the blog post.